Self-Healing Tantric NgalSo Vjarayogini Practice Kit

Self-Healing Tantric NgalSo Vjarayogini Practice Kit

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The Vajrayogini Kit contains:

  • Venerable Naro Kachö Vajrayoginī The Quick Path to Great Bliss - Retreat Sadhana; Composed by Kyabje Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo (1878 – 1941 C.E.) According to the pure and unbroken lineage tradition of the Indian Mahasiddha Naropa (1016 – 1100 C.E.)
  • Vajrayogini Incense
  •  CD- Tantric Self-Healing Method of the Varjayogini Body Mandala - United Peace Voices
  • This Retreat manual is inteded for those who have received the initiation from a qualified teacher

    This practice has been clearly revealed in the root and explanatory tantras of Glorious Heruka Chakrasamvara and it was Lord Naropa who is crown jewel of all the scholars and pandits in the Land of Aryas who had a direct vision of Vajrayoginī from whom he received these excellent instructions.

    The yogi should train his mental continuum well in the common path and receive purely the four empowerments in either of the perfectly qualified mandalas of Heruka or Hevajra that definitely plant the seeds of the four bodies. Then you should make a sincere effort to perfectly protect your vows and commitments as you would your eyes. In addition to that, you must receive the profound blessing empowerment in the sindhura mandala at which time you must perfectly recognise the outer, inner and secret Vajrayoginis. Next, once you unerringly obtain the common and uncommon oral instructions and clarifications according to the great secret tradition of Lobshe you can practice the two stages.

    By this practice of Venerable Vajrayoginī, may we attain long, healthy, happy and meaningful lives and work to bring peace, happiness and enlightenment to ourselves, society and the environment.
    T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

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